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A brand has a story. A business has a story. You have a story.

A story that needs to be shared to inspire others to action.


For years, Pipe & Pen Writing Services has been crafting stories for a wide variety of brands, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals through copywriting, copyediting, PR, marketing plan development, website content strategy, social media content, email marketing, and more.


Let's discover the difference that quality writing can bring to your brand - together.

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In a digital-first world, your brand needs content that moves people to action.

Whether you need copy content for a blog, articles for digital marketing, or SEO-optimized website text, let Pipe & Pen Writing Services help you bring your content to life through writing that inspires and moves readers to respond.


Professional Copywriting Services

Bring Your Brand To Life

As a freelance writer, I am happy to offer customized writing projects for your unique need.


Typically, Pipe & Pen Writing Services projects fall into one of the following three categories.

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(Custom Project Pricing Available)

Let me help you fill in the blanks with engaging and catchy content that will make your website visitors happy they landed on your website!

From short, snappy paragraphs explaining your services to long-form content and blogs, I can help you tell the story of your brand!

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(Custom Project Pricing Available)

I will go through your paper, web article, book, or other copy content and check for readability, voice and usage of various words and phrasing, and make edits that help your content stand out.

You've done the work of getting the words out of your head. Let me put them in the right order.



(Custom Project Pricing Available)

I will help you create and publish content that not only teaches the scriptures of the Bible to your audience but also helps them apply it to their everyday lives!

From Bible Studies to Devotionals - even sermons - I can help you bring the Word of God to a hungry world!



Pipe and Pen is honored to work with some of the world’s best clients across a variety of industries.

Bradlee is a man with imagination, ideas and understanding. These great gifts enables him to collaborate with you to ensure the best end result regardless if it is a blog item, news article or research writing you always get more than expected

Steve Dalby (Belgium)

I've been working with Brad for a while now and he continues to amaze me... Great writer, communicator, and an even better person! 5 stars all the way!

@Scottgraham (United States)

One word - Wow! You nailed it!

The article kept me engaged and was extremely well written. I love how you used historical references and tied them in through the post.

Will definitely have follow up pieces! Thank you!

@Hyprnick (United States)

A true pro. Bradlee knows what he's doing.

@trottierchris (Canada)

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Hey there! Great to meet you.

As a writer, I love nothing more than a well-written story that moves people to action. I fell in love with writing through my childhood passion for books and storytelling. 


(I even have some loose-leaf pages of a science fiction novel that I began writing when I was 12 years old!)


My love for writing led me to start Pipe & Pen Writing Services in 2018. Professionally, I have experience in digital content curation, social media strategy implementation, email design, and copywriting. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Journalism as well as a Master of Divinity.

I can’t wait to bring the story of your brand to life with high-quality, professional writing. Ready to learn more? Email me today at brad@pipeandpen.com or click below!


“As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.”